Inserting HTML Snippets

Microsoft Frontpage 98/2000

If you're editing a page on the Normal tab in Page view and you want to supplement the HTML that Microsoft FrontPage generates, you can insert an HTML Markup component at the insertion point.

Tip   You can click the HTML tab to edit HTML directly using the color-coded HTML editor, which checks HTML syntax automatically as you type.

  1. On the Insert menu, point to Advanced, and then click HTML.
  2. Type the plain text or HTML that you want to insert. FrontPage will not verify the text or HTML for correctness, nor reformat it when the page is saved.


Netscape Composer

Open your page in Netscape Composer and select HTML Source from the Edit drop down menus. Netscape will ask you for an application to edit the HTML file.

If you do not have a specific HTML editor, select notepad.exe from your /windows/ directory. Once you have selected your editor the HTML file will open inside of it.

Select the location you would like to place your snippet and paste it. Once this is done save your work and return to the Composer window and it will ask you to reload the file.

From this point you can preview your changes or publish it to the server.